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Anonymous sussurrou:
Frozen defenders are an example of what happens when a company engrains itself in the childhood of an entire generation so deeply that the very idea that one of their movies isn't good is take as a personal attack.


Even worse it’s SO engrained that, because they grew up with the IDEA that Disney is the pinnacle of western animation, they now fervently defend against any competition that outright beats Disney in that regard. Not only does this dilute western animated features but it also closes off an entire generation to anything that dares come from overseas.

If it isn’t exactly LIKE Disney then it’s undeserving of any recognition or awards simply because it dares to veer away from the Disney style.

All you need to do is read audiences comments on Coraline to see just how bad the situation and how “different” animation doesn’t sit well with them.

I mean, hell, we can’t even release PG-13 animated films here without a prior international release because audiences just can’t veer away from Disney = animation = kids and anything else not worth watching.









Carlton dropping some real shit


Reality check

Still extremely relevant today

Always loved this episode

Killing me softly with his song

tell em.

Relevant Still almost 20 years later. The Uncle Toms/New Black movement is why we won’t get anywhere as a whole. The civil rights movement worked because we as a whole stood together for our rights to be considered human beings. We have forgotten how to stand together so they tear us down one by one. And one by one we become the New Blacks.


The older I get the more this resonates with me

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